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    Default Anyone recorded shows from this tour?

    Has anyone recorded the summer hymns/folklore tour?

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    WITRDJDan Guest


    I've got a very nice recording from the Summer Hymns and Folklore show at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. It was an impromptu recording after an interview with Zach Gresham. I recorded the show in less than ideal conditions but it turned out pretty damn good. I used a Marantz PMD 671 using 2 SM58 on a bar stool about 15 ft back from the stage. I'm sending the recordings to Zach this week. I'll have to ask him if I can post them on the web for everyone to enjoy.


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    captain23 Guest


    i taped chicago

    waiting for approval from bands to post.

    it'll be up on opticalatlas when it does.


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