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    perfectbrokenmirror Guest

    Default apple releases on vinyl

    I was wondering if the apples had released any albums on vinyl, aside from the discovery...and VoS?



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    seandavidson Guest


    Yes all the Apples albums have been released on vinyl (except Science Faire and their cd singles). I don't think 'Fun Trick Noisemaker' or 'Tone Soul Evolution' are in stock anymore. 'Her Reverie Wallpaper' in vinyl was released by Earworm in the UK only, not sure if there are any of those left either.

    I will update their site so it says vinyl releases also.


    Update: now that I think about it I think spinART did release a vinyl version of 'Her Reverie Wallpaper' and Good Records has copies. Link to it from the Apples website.

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    perfectbrokenmirror Guest


    Thanks Sean!


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