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    Default new sixth great lake record!


    10/2004 - We're pleased to announce the release of the new Sixth Great Lake record, "Sunday Bridge" on Tup Keewah Recordings. This album will be a vinyl-only release available 10/31/04 directly from the band. We're pressing 500 copies on translucent blue vinyl and each record will be numbered by a playing card inside. There will be 10 different decks (minus the queens plus the jokers) and we're asking that each owner email us and let us know what card (style, suit and number) your album has and your location and we'll try and keep track of their whereabouts with a page on this site. We just got the test pressings back and they sound great. Like warm caramel dripping down the side of an ice cream sundae, the songs ooze, melt and flow like sugar on snow. You've got to get a copy of this record. If you don't have a turntable, here is the reason why you should.


    Side A

    Old Smoke
    The Saint
    Everybody Loves
    Baby Tonight

    Side B

    House of Cards
    Seven Stripes
    Twenty-Three Songs
    House Song
    Smokin' Joe

    For ordering information write to us at

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    they're self releasing this record for now while shopping it to labels for a possible cd release in the future. i see nothing "poor" about that. quite the opposite, in fact.

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    So I was listening to up the country in my car last night with a girl I was hanging out with and she decided to google the Sixth Great Lake. She came across their bandcamp and they had this vinyl up for sale for $9.99!

    I ordered it and am a little nervous about weather or not it will actually come. Haha. I had no idea this album existed until last night and it's almost 13 years old! Their bandcamp seems to have some activity over the last few years.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!


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