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    Default parallel universes

    I like the idea of there being an infinite number of parallel universes. An entire universe for every possible position of every single little atom. This has a lot to do with the fact that I like to believe that somewhere out there, in a strange mess of space and time, I know each one of you personally. I am best friends with everyone in the world, somewhere. I am in love with you all. I am kissing every one of you right now. I am also your father, your mother, your sister, your goldfish. You and I, somewhere, are sitting on a couch folding laundry and talking about our days. We're inventing chopsticks together right now. Somewhere. Everything is happening. All my dreams are fulfilled in some distant universe.

    I suppose it's also fun to think that perhaps there is some place out there where my right ring finger is hovering four inches away from my hand. Somewhere, everything is exactly the same, except unknowingly to all living creatures the Earth turned into a pineapple for 14.6 seconds in April of 1992. Somewhere, all teeth disappear on the second day of each month, and there is a little girl shopping for fresh fruit to make a smoothie for the occasion. There must be a universe where the only difference is that the United States of America is called "Socks", and vice versa.

    In some place that somehow exists physically a gaspingly huge distance from here, you (whoever is reading this) and I are in love. We are holding eachother and about to fall asleep in the others arms.

    I just got home from a rather long bus ride. Oh the delicious Greyhound.

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    I love you. And in some way you are my Toyota, only more beautiful and better on gas.

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    Stewart Guest


    You are a good person.

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    airplane Guest


    I love you opopopo

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    erik Guest


    sliders. now that was quality television.

    (this comment is only sarcastic if you want it to be)

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    love, yeah.

    ''my companion is with me when i drive my car, even when i go real far, no matter where i am or what i do my companion is always there too.'' - shaggs

    the radio in the song repersents more than just a companion. it repersents an invisible yet very tangible relationship. a connection that can be heard and felt but only touched in dreams and arts. this connection is not only felt between the singer and the radio - but between all spirits because each spirit is everywhere. even if you can't see speak to or feel a spirit or a body because of its non-material status or a great distance - you can still sense that spirit in a way that shakes your whole body with glee. every demension, universe, everything has everything and its mixed together in a vast space and sometimes there are big explosions in the space (when the mix reaches a boil) and than another place with even more spirits is born and it forms into our space and we're together.

    "i'd like to marry all of my close friends - live in a big house together by an angry sea" - of montreal

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    Dear opopopo,

    In another universe we are both monkeys who pick lice out of each other's hair, or nasturtiums in a basket on somebody's porch, an orange one and a yellow one, and you have already read a wonderful book called Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link and started a discussion thread about "The Girl Detective."



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