just came across this today, although it was announced 5 months ago.

of particular note:
"For the first time ever, the band’s second album, Tone Soul Evolution is presented with Robert Schneider and Jonathan Wyner’s original intended master. Offering up “plenty of fine pop music, delivered in such a way that is plenty enjoyable” (A.V Club), this is the master Schneider intended for the world to hear and has finally been unearthed for this pressing. This edition comes as a super deluxe gatefold release featuring the artwork of longtime collaborator Steve Keene. "

i'm curious about the backstory here (perhaps mr. marbles will chime in). why would the intended master not make it's way to the original pressing? did spinart prefer an alternate master? was this master actually and intentionally buried in the earth, as a time capsule waiting to be exhumed 20 years later for the exact purpose of this reissue? wouldn't the worms miss it? won't somebody think of the worms???!!!

also, i'm curious if the remastering process was handled by robert himself, or someone else.