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    Default Science faire seven inch box set

    Hey my friends, I am very psyched to announce that Henry Owings​ at Chunklet is reissuing the Apples' "Science Faire" collection of our early EPs and singles, as a super cool 7" box set!! Henry is announcing pre-orders on Wednesday but said we can announce to the E6 community today.

    It is a limited pressing of 500, and the first 50 copies are extra deluxe with color-Xeroxed artwork just like the first 50 copies of E6-001!! With the original artwork by W Cullen Hart​, including booklets, posters, stickers and random inserts, etc. from our first EP, perfectly reproduced from the original art (Henry even had stuff printed by photocopier for authentic look, just like we did back in the day when I used to basically live at Kinko's). Here is the link if you are interested (but no pressure):

    <3 Robert

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    Just nabbed one of the super deluxe colored vinyl. At the time of this post, there is one remaining.

    Thanks for the heads up, Robert!

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    thanks robert! i think i got the last colored deluxe set, looks like there are still a couple clear sets available in the deluxe version.

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