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    That sounds pretty cool actually.

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    For me it's my favorite, tied with Skeletal Lamping, just because of how both are the albums that got me into oM. It's just such a complex piece, and to me reminds me of the kinds of albums I love: scattershot and maddeningly beautiful.
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    SL is my favorite as well. I like how that album feels like it's own world and it's own style. PS is mainly just a continuation of stuff like Famine Affair or Around The Way. I like the confessions but it doesn't have the same personality as the Georgie stuff or when he used to invent characters and write songs about them.

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    this is a top 3 album for me just because of how good it is at roping you in. i can't listen to gelid ascent and hear the "you speak to meeee" without giving a full listen. and have you heard that last minute of wintered debts? shit's so good, kinda gives that steel guitar and previews lousy
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    PS is def fluffed hard on this board. None of my friends or myself were very into it when it came out. I think I was mainly disappointed it wasn't a progression of the Georgie Fruit era.
    I wasn't super into False Priest when it came out either and it became one of my fav albums ever over the years.

    I relistened to PS recently after the fluffing in the Innocence Reaches thread, and I really enjoyed it. It was an interesting phase in KB's career, but there was too much Kishi influence for my tastes.

    The songs were better live than the album.
    The show I saw on that tour had Gelid, Spiteful, Dour, Wolf Murder, Plantiff and a sweet combo of Authentic Pyrrhic>No Conclusion>TPIGA.
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    Tracks 2 through 6 are 25 minutes of back to back magic.

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