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    Default Paralytic Stalks?

    Since when is this beautiful hunk of noise pretty much unanimously the favorite? When it came out reception was lukewarm at best, as is I guess the reception for every album. I I'd still rate it 8/10 because the noise tracks are almost always a skip unless I'm trying to torment someone with it. I saw the first PS show at the GA theater and nobody was jamming to the PS songs besides me and a couple other tentative fans who didn't want to rock out to hrd to an album that might not be critically acclaimed. There were no theatrics or anything besides a crazy projection show. They played most of PS besides the noise, a bit of Skeletal, Do You Mutilate?? oM left to general melancholy and complaining about a lack of costumes no Hissing Fauna, etc. They did all the hits in the encore but that wouldn't bring the crowd back from sorrow. By the time they hit the Variety Playhouse they were back to marching Kevin around and costumes and Sunlandic Twins in the playlist and of course they received thunderous applause.

    Either way whats with PS is it that much of a grower or is everyone a bunch of bandwagon jumpers?? Why don't critic reviews update for an album being a grower?

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    It grew on me a little bit. I appreciated it from a technical standpoint when it came out, but it never hooked me in. Then I listened to it a bunch of times after Aureate Gloom had been out and found a love for it. I might be the only person who likes the noisy parts, but it's not my favorite album overall. Unanimously the favorite among whom, the voices in your head?

    Quote Originally Posted by egolessegotist View Post
    Why don't critic reviews update for an album being a grower?
    Because reviews are there to help potential buyers decide if they should buy it. There are no potential buyers anymore.

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    This forum on the Innocence Reaches thread that's almost everyone's gold standard. PS would be a 10/10 if the noise was cut a little short and 3 or 4 more songs made it on there. KB said PS was influenced by Sufjan Steven's Age of Adz heavily so why not try to make an opus like Impossible Soul? (Not a hopeless one)

    Either way the album is definitely a grower and a grower is actually a good purchase since you'll be compelled to keep listening until you like it since you dropped the cash. Critics aren't trying to help people decide which cds to buy anymore they're just trying to stay ahead of trends. Oms critical star fell long ago I guarantee Kevin will never surpass an 8.5 on pitchfork again.

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    Interesting view. Not sure I understand why you would think people who listen to of Montreal would care about critical acclaim. Critics have been pleasure bashing of Montreal for years.

    I loved PS from the first time I played it. Actually most oM albums have been immediately rewarding to my ears. Skeletal Lamping and Innocence Reaches both took some time to appreciate but paid off. Skeletal Lamping is an all time favorite album of mine.

    I remember a good bit of theatrics for the paralytic stalks tour and a good mix of popular songs too. That was a great show they put on for that tour. Maybe you saw it at a weird venue?

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    in a basement on the hill.


    i wish someone would pleasure bash me

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    It's not that I care about critical acclaim but KB might I know I'd be a little discouraged if I couldn't get over an 8 no matter how good my album is.

    I loved PS immediately as soon as Gelid Ascent launched into SPEAK TO MEEEEEEEE. That's why I was so surprised the fans didn't dig one dug it. Now I'm surprised again to see that PS is so highly revered. The show I saw was in Athens and the first on the tour so maybe they just didn't have the actors yet or just wanted to hook us up with the whole album thinking people in the hometown would want to hear it. I thought it was the best oM show I've ever seen next to skeletal lamping tour.

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    The people who really love it are very outspoken about it, but I wouldn't say that it's universally revered as the gold standard.

    It's one of the ones that I go back to the least, but it's definitely a unique sounding son of a bitch so I'll give it mad credit for that.

    I do agree that the expanded band lineup and live shows around that era were fucking incredible though. I had won tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show that they performed Dour Percentage on, and I got to stand in the 'fan area' on the stage just a few feet from the side of the band and it feels like a dream now.

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    Paralytic Stalks is definitely up there with the best albums of all time. I just pray that Kevin keeps releasing new music and that he doesn't die before me.

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    It's a good album but easily my least favorite oM album since 2004... I just find it a muddy and depressing listen. It's definitely not an album packed with memorable songs a la Satanic Panic.

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    I made my own version of it, improving it so it is now a great record. I replaced EBK with the b-side version of Triumph, I cut the 2nd half of Authentic and put Our Illumnation Is Complete back as the closing song.

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