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    My label Dord Music Group is excited to announce the upcoming release of "Warm Milk and Chocolate", a collection of unreleased early recordings by Marbles. These colorful four-track and boombox recordings from 1983-1990 document a productive era before Schneider turned 20, ranging from synth-pop to prog rock to folk songs, with healthy doses of the psych-pop production style that has come to be associated with Apples in stereo and the Elephant 6 Collective. What is more, this lost tape was advertised in the original Summer 1993 Elephant 6 catalog, but was never actually manufactured by the young collective... Be the first to feel the noize!

    To get the latest updates on the Marbles release, like the Dord Facebook page For more information on Dord Music Group visit

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    Interesting! Very interesting... What format will this release be?

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    I hope it will also be on cd

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