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    Default Favorite oM Tracks

    Hi guys, I just ducked in here the other day after recording an amazing solo Kevin show, and this seems to be a really rich community with a lot of knowledge and some really nice collections of rare material ( SWEET =D )

    So I am curious to see, what would be the 10 oM songs, if your arm was twisted to narrow it down, that affected you personally the strongest, or of which you have the best associations, or which are just generally your favorite? There is such a deep catalogue that there is really a thousand directions you could go with this. I see a lot of love around here for Aureate Gloom, which I have next to no familiarity about, which is already an eye opener =p Though I do very much like Bassem Sabry. It is pretty different for Kevin and oM, but no surprise there for another excellent reinvention =p

    Here's mine:

    1. TENDER FAX (DoC)
    *power gap*
    2. Plastis Wafer (SL)
    3. Art Snob Solutions (ST Bonus)
    4. Our Love is Senile (DoC)
    5. This recording of Lysergic Bliss from the Highline Ballroom 1/26/10 - IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A BETTER RECORDING OF THIS PARTICULAR PERFORMANCE, PLEASE SHOUT OUT -
    6. Gronlandic Edit (HF)
    7. The Past is a Grotesque Animal (with the Lost Trees) (Single)
    8. Girl Named Hello (FP)
    9. Wicked Wisdom (SL)
    10. TIE (I'm such a cheater) Swedish American Hall 6-21-16 Chaos Arpeggiating, and Rapture Rapes the Muses (SPitA)

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    I really can't say what my current favorites are, but these songs have at one point been very important for making me the oM fan that I am:
    they are in chronological order of me getting to know them

    * Old Familiar Way
    * Jacques Lamure
    * Jennifer Louise (hehe, never noticed the initials are the same until now)
    * Penelope
    * You Are An Airplane
    * A Celebration Of H Hare
    * Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl
    * My What A Strange Day With A Swede
    * Requiem For OMMII
    * Wraith Pinned To The Mist
    * Heimdalsgate Like...
    * Gronlandic Edit
    * Nonpareil Of Favor
    * Make The Bus
    * Hydra Fancies
    * Like A Tourist
    * We Will Commit Wolf Murder
    * Our Love Is Senile
    * Fugitive Air
    * Empyrean Abattoir

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    I have considered Skeletal Lamping and Satanic Panic In The Attic as their very best albums, although they are not very well represented in the list: they don't have real standouts, I love thw whole albums!

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    A very good list. And so different from mine! One of the reasons oM is so special to me: there are so many ways to approach the body of work, and you can go into it and have a completely new experience depending on what themes you gravitate toward or how you populate your playlist.

    I agree completely re: SPitA and SL in the sense that they don't have obvious "hits" in the way Hissing Fauna does, and I would also add Coquelicot to that list. I can see newer listeners coming to that album and skipping it entirely for that reason, but it really is a work of art. On Satanic Panic, Lysergic Bliss always stood out to me, however. It did on my first listen and it consistently has given me my favorite live renditions. This really old one here from "The DL" is a very different take on the song - reminds me almost of Cherry Peel - but it is gorgeous.

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    In release date order:

    1. Lysergic Bliss
    2. The Repudiated Immortals
    3. The Past
    4. No Conclusion
    5. I Feel You Strutter (I've always loved the positivity of this song and how it's the opposite of Past and NC)
    6. Dour Percentage
    7. We Will Commit Wolf Murder
    8. Virgillian Lots
    9. Like Ashoka's Inferno of Memory
    10. Chaos Arpeggiating (This is like Kevin's best song in ages, and I have a good feel the studio version will be awesome)

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    The Repudiated Immortals is one I forgot, that really should be in my list also. perfect popsong

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    Hey Iwasonacid, do you know the original version of Tender Fax before it was edited for Daughter of Cloud? if not, you can find it here, uploaded by none other than The Late BP Helium himself!:

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    Oh man. So much to say. First off-- Bryan Poole has a youtube account!? And he is the one that uploaded the first oM show?! Holy crap.

    Second off -- I am SO glad you shared that take. It is really interesting and great.

    My first immediate takeaway - even though the intro of the song is completely different, the first and second breakdowns (my favorite part of any song ever) are still there, and the horn breakdown is there, right there in the Instant Witch freestyle session! Even this early, you have "Your smile was processed, in every other frame, of the druggie strobe stop action effects (FEX FEX FEX FEX!)!" A set of lyrics that ... does things to my head.

    This track is truly a treasure. I think nearly every production decision that went into the final version was a positive one, and I LOVE the final intro "Stop dreaming of me dying in violent ways...", but this cut is really, really special to have.

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    Oh man. When its like "ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhh...... ahhhhhh.... " etc after the "I hate myself when you touch me," one of the effects they have playing in the back of this demo sounds almost exactly like the Self Destruct klaxon at the beginning of Super Metroid.

    Which could easily be a coincidence, but, fuck, I am just as ready to believe that it was an intentional nod. LOL

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    When "stop dreaming of me dying" actually does come in, I rather like his delivery in this version. But the choice to go from there into the breakdown in the final version is DEFINITELY the right decision.

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