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    Default Live Recordings Circa 2001


    I've got some live recordings that I made around 2001 that I'm going to upload this week if anyone is interested. I know that I have 4-27-01 the Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA and 5-19-01 Red Rose Cafe, Murfreesboro, TN as well as 6-22-2000 Bottom of the Hill, SF, CA.

    I have the original recordings for the first two, and I believe the third to be a soundboard. I'm going to get them together and get all the ID tags corrected and then i will upload all the stuff. I also have several of Montreal things as well and I made a post over there. I will post back in a couple of days when I have it all ready for download.

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    God please post these
    I found Joey's Pez

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    Default Definitely

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
    God please post these
    I had to get them off an old cd and get the tracks organized and song titles filled in. I'm going to try to post them tonight.

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    Very cool! Can't wait to hear'em
    I found Joey's Pez

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