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    Hahaha, well right now I'm just looking for honest to goodness, in tne studio demos.

    I've got it split into sections for myself to make it easier:
    -EPs, Singles, Compilation appearances
    -Officially released live recordings (of which I believe there is only one: Take Me Out)
    -Bootleg/audience recordings
    -Radio/internet sessions on CD/downloadable
    -Radio/internet sessions, streaming only
    -Remixes of oM
    -Remixes by oM
    -"feat. of Montreal" (Make the Bus, Bat Macumba, Lost Trees' "cover" of TPiaGA, and more recently the A-side of the Deerhoof split)

    And I'm debating on considering "YouTube" or "Video Only/First" a category, including but not limited to: BRAT, DayTrotter Du Og Meg, Star Pussy, Enemy Gene, and - my personal favorite - External Vagina.

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    What's the story behind that Deerhoof split? Why is it just a remixed Deerhoof song with Kevin singing over it? They couldn't come up with anything new?

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    From what I can tell, Deerhoof does this sort of thing fairly often for their 7" releases.

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