Jeff played two wonderful shows at the Moore Theater in Seattle on April 16-17th. Andrew Rieger, Scott Spillane, and Laura Carter opened with a low-key mix of Elf Power, Gerbils, and covers including one by Chris Knox. Jeff's performance was solid, his voice was strong, and he connected with the audience by encouraging people to ask questions and sing along. The first night we were up in the 2nd balcony and the stage seemed a mile away. The second night we were on the main floor and had a much better view. The stage was setup with a chair surrounded by five guitars. Jeff played solo the first couple songs and then was accompanied on various parts on subsequent songs. Scott and Laura and someone I didn't recognize played horns (including Laura on zanzithophone), Heather Mcintosh played cello on Naomi, and everyone joined in during Two Headed Boy and The Fool. The extra instruments really made the songs sound like the original NMH versions. I'm really glad I got to hear these songs performed live. I never thought I'd get a chance to see Jeff play.

At the merch table was a red E6 shirt, 3 NMH shirts, a tote bag, and the vinyl box set. I picked up an E6 shirt (my 4th) and two of the NMH shirts.

I snagged the setlist from the 2nd show. True Love, which I think is a Daniel Johnston song, was not played.