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    Default Seniors Juniors Album

    This may sound like a dumb question but here it goes...

    I just got a copy of seniors and juniors on vinyl and I noticed that the title track is different from the version I've had for a while. Was the vinyl cut from a different take or did he remix/rerecord parts of the song specifically for the record? I was just curious because the differences are pretty huge.

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    Wasn't there a remake of the entire album? Seniors and Juniors Strike Back? Maybe you have one original, one remake.

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    This is kind of a random bump, but i just noticed the same thing listening to the vinyl and so far the only difference seems to be the track "seniors and juniors" where the vocals are completely redone. It's not "seniors and juniors strike back", it's the original (which you can still get here: My guess is that he was unhappy with the way that track turned out and did some work on it for the vinyl release, but I'm not 100% sure on that.


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