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    I'm more just talking about the way Will and a couple other E6 guys (e.g., Robert sometimes) sing, not Pete and not Bill most of the time. Just because OTC and CS are known for that sort of psychedelic whispery stuff.

    I like the texture of that kind of singing and I think it has its uses. The classical style of singing is grating if used in the wrong context. A lot of times, I find it grating in any context. I had a terrible time listening to the new Dirty Projectors album, for instance.

    I favor gentler singers most of the time. It's really great when people go all out sometimes, like David Bowie on "Five Years." But I don't think classical is the only way to go for a girl. Depends on the voice and the style of music.
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    oh yeah, bill gets some GREAT GREAT resonance. I baby cry as hard as I can to his stuff because he is wonderful. he gets a really really good sound. guitar too.
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