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    Quote Originally Posted by editrrix View Post
    that not one person listed There's Nothing Wrong With Hating Rock Critics in their top 20. That is all.
    I love this song, especially when he says "copacetic". Did you all know that Bill "Bojangles" Robinson is credited with the invention (or at least the dissemination) of that word?
    I was like, "oh"

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    yeah that's probably one of my least favorites as well, just saying. i mean it isn't horrible but it isn't the best at all.

    and i feel like my top 20 changes every day or so, so this is slightly impossible. it's already changed from what i put a few days ago.
    i want you on the kitchen table, public bathroom. on the dirty floor.

    Quote Originally Posted by ufoinkushiro View Post
    mimi merlot saves the day again

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    Quote Originally Posted by myourself View Post
    since i'm kinda new here i thought i'd share my list and provide some thoughts to promote discussion.

    2 If I Faltered Slightly Twice -- I just really love Kevin's sad songs; though i'm not sure if this is all that sad.
    4 My Friend Will Be Me --Super depressing. Lodges itself into my brain at work, sometimes.
    6 Buried With Me --Starts off like it could be a power-pop anthem and becomes a fucking weird mantra of "buried with me"s.
    7 It's Just So --So beautiful i imagine i could weep to this if i actually had emotions.
    8 A Dreamy Day of Dreaming of You -- See #7
    All great songs that may not be so obvious under such questioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimi_Merlot View Post
    and i feel like my top 20 changes every day or so, so this is slightly impossible. it's already changed from what i put a few days ago.
    This is because you believe that everything you do is either the best thing or the worst thing and that every song you listen to is either your favorite song or your least favorite song. There's no middle ground with you.

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    Default In no particular order...

    1. A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger (For me, this is the quintessential live of Montreal song. By this song I'm usually somewhat high on the experience, and therefore, dancing.)
    2. Faberge Falls For Shuggie (Among my first favorites that I just listened to on a loop, plus the music sort of reminds me of an old pinball animation on Sesame Street or The Electric Company or some other animations from the 1970s.)
    3. I Was A Landscape in Your Dream (Never tire of the metaphors in this song.)
    4. Forecast Fascist Future (Intense song. The acoustic in-store performance of this one from Texas blows my mind every time I see/hear it.)
    5. Cato as a Pun ( A fav from Hissing Fauna, like the pacing, the lyrics.)
    6. Honeymoon in San Francisco (Again the acoustic performance of this one is remarkable, especially near the end where he drags out the vocal.)
    7. Don't Ask Me to Explain (Just a sweet song that has personal resonance for me.)
    8. Middle Class Ghetto (Love the lyrics here and the back story. Makes me very happy for him and Nina.)
    9. Christian Son (Love this one to death!!!)
    10. There Is Nothing Wrong With Hating Rock Critics (See No. 9)
    11. Epistle to a Pathological Creep (Best. Title. Ever.)
    12. Tie between Gronlandic Edit/The Party's Crashing Us (Okay, so I cheated.)
    13. Nonpareil of Favor (This one is personally meaningful for me as it completely reminds me of my own 24-year relationship.)
    14. St. Exquisite's Confessions (Just love the build-up, love his voice, and little comes close to the satisfaction I get when I hear the opening line.)
    15. Godly Intersex (Among my favorites from False Priest)
    16. You Do Mutilate? (Who else would rhyme mutilate/celebrate [our emotional poverty]?)
    17. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (Of course this made the list.)
    18. Does My Voice Not Have Wings? (Just incredible that this was among the first demo songs. Gorgeous song, harmony)
    19. Rapture Rapes the Muses (Always a favorite, just adore the chorus, very catchy)
    20. Spike the Senses (What can I say? Love this one too.)

    We should do a top ten cover songs list.

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    Big Grin

    nice list of songs... i like many of these songs

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