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    Default Marshmallow Coast on the Music For Toys compilation 4

    4th year for the festival and 4th compilation.

    16 artists from around the world making music with toy instruments:
    Accordion Boy (USA), Chansons Tombées de la Lune (France), Dressed like Wolves (UK), FailedSitcom (UK), Iji (USA), Internet2 (Spain), Jeffrey Butzer (USA), Lullatone (Japan), Marshmallow Coast (USA), Michael Wookey (UK), One Tough Cookie (USA), The Parking Lot Experiments (Australia), Thiaz Itch (France), Tiffany Lin (USA), Toy Boats (USA), Trico! (Japan)

    You can order it on the Music For Toys website

    And if you are in France next weekend there will be concerts on sunday afternoon:
    Arthur Kraköw, Carton Sonore, Lionel Fondeville

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    i'm on this too, for my friend's project dressed like wolves.


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