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    Default Non-Pythagorean Scale (Questions for Robert)

    Robert, I am wondering: what inspired you to make the non-Pythagorean scale in the first place? Was it just the curiosity of seeing if it would actually work and could possibly sound catchy? Or did you think about logarithmic scales and say "how about making that scale a musical scale?"

    Also, there can be a lot of non-Pythagorean scales, idealistically. I suppose yours might be more accurately described as a log scale, but I was thinking hypothetically of building a scale starting with the idea of having chords that result in particular soundwave patterns, and breaking the chords apart into a set of single tones. That said, I thank you for the scale that I was able to download and I'm going to give a shot at composing with it. I think your work so far with it has been incredibly successful, but only one song on TiSaT used it! I'd love to hear a full album of it. Do you plan to keep using the scale for Apples records?

    Finally, what do you think about Pythagoras? Of course we learned a great deal of useful mathematics thanks to him and Plato, but a lot of it was junk (the five perfect solids?) and the way that the cult sought to keep science from the public and turn it into a completely mystic operation, and to completely eschew the scientific method in favor of intuition kind of stalled the progress of science for, I don't know, 20 centuries. I'm curious about your thoughts about this man because I think your specifically "non-Pythagorean" explorations seem at a glance to be against his legacy, and a lot of people don't realize he actually started a movement that was detrimental to the intellectual growth of our species.

    Sorry if I'm asking for too much here, but any sort of answer to any of my questions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hey Abel, if you are still out there, I am so sorry to be *slightly* late in replying! I intend to answer your thoughtful questions, for which I am very appreciative, on a not-seven-years-again time-scale, I swear on the Golden Verses of Pythagoras But also, I wonder if you finished any composition in the non-Pythagorean scale way back when (or now)? Garden Gate Records is releasing a compilation of logarithmic compositions by a number of artists and I wonder if you would be interested to contribute anything? Please email me at if so Sorry again for the delay, my friend!


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