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    Default Help Folklore release our new album! Upcoming shows! Come Jam with us!

    Hi dudes! In order to help fund the release of our new album, Home Church Road, we've created a Kickstarter project. The way it works is all explained on the Kickstarter page, but basically, if you choose to contribute a certain amount you get something (like a copy of the record) in exchange once the funding goal is met and the records are pressed. Also available on the page is an informative video featuring Jimmy Hughes in a bathtub and some Folklore-Fun-Facts. Excitement! Hooray!

    You can help us release Home Church Road at:

    We're aiming to have this thing done and pressed by June.

    Some shows coming up in the very near future:

    Tomorrow, March 30 in Philadelphia @ World Cafe Live w/ Cains and Abels & Yellow Humphrey
    Friday, April 2 in State College, PA @ Chronic Town w/ The Spinto Band
    Saturday, April 3 in New York, NY @ The Cake Shop w/ Blood Warrior and Airwaves
    Thursday, April 15 in Geneseo, NY @ SUNY Geneseo (Knight Spot)

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    Great work on the video. It seems a lot like a crazy episode of Pete and Pete. I wasn't familiar with the music until now but it sounds so cool, I think I'll check it out.
    Who knew that there would actually be a hell, and that it would be in New Jersey?

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    yessssssssss EVERYONE DONATE!!!

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    You left off the best fun fact of all: Raoul and Ian are both on the Werewolves album that we put out this year! YEAH FUN!

    Hey, dude (I don't know which one you are... Ian?) I promise to steal some money from our band camp account and give it to you guys but how much do I have to donate to ensure that Folklore plays with Werewolves again next time you come to Athens?

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