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    spacehorse Guest

    Default how about random acts of kindness?

    why dont you share a kind act you did, or that was done to you and brighten the day?

    the kindness revolution begins at home!

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    oblio Guest


    ya fuck that

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    i\'m within the walls of atlanta, GA


    LOL dude

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    hastycolours Guest


    i love when you do something grand and it makes you feel good. doesnt happen to me all that often as i just do stuff id normally do but some stuff i suppose could make you feel nice even as simple as throwing something away and then noticing gargage next to the waste bin and picking it up and throwing it away. i suppose some people could feel good from doing that and stuff.

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    opopopo Guest

    Default what a lovely topic

    random acts of kindness are super. one i do all the time is whenever i take the bus somewhere (unless i have a pass or am utterly broke) i pay atleast double so that someone can get on for free. every now and then the person after me who gets on for free will feel the love and pay for a person or 2 after them. once i just payed for one person to get on, and from other peoples kindness there were still 12 people who could get on for free by the time i got to my stop. you'd think that people would be happy or grateful or somthing (i always tell the bus driver not to tell whoever that i paid for them) but most people look scared and shocked, like theyre thinking "oh my god, am i being stalked or somthing?" or "what kind of lunatic would do that?". there just isnt enough love in this world. it seems like most people dont understand the concept of being nice, or even love. i mean its just a silly planet, and were just silly people. whats wrong with love???

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    friend Guest


    what's wrong with that? i'd like to know! so here i go again!!!

    there's nothing wrong with love. it's just that when u feel bad u can forget why giving love is so important and vital.

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    Freakboy Guest


    i show my love many ways.
    Once there was this monkey who fell of his tricycle and i blew a bubble which he put on his skinned knee. Then, a purple flower grew from his knee and he picked it, then ate it. then his face turned into a waffle and his fingernails smiled at me.
    Then, the girraffe next door would send me graffiti and an ugly man's nose in the mail and i would send her back some of the smilies i saw on the e6 message boards. I then get on the bus (and for some reason dont have to pay) and travel to the president's office and tell him im sorry that everybody things he's dumb. Then we play hopscotch and jump rope and i go home to fall my fish to sleep then wake myself up to go to school in a blueberry re-enactment of the moon from somebody's boat.
    It was a very beautiful night and i indeed felt the love i had brought upon myself by smoking the air with a chopstick and some nonexistant helmets worn by bomber flies.

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    dolemites_sister Guest


    I have thought of this a very long time... And I guess I was having trouble because my random act of kindness doesn't involve humans.

    Me and my husband go and visit the animals at the humane society and animal shelters, so they will feel loved. We can't have an animal right now, so that is the best we can do.

    It is not uncommon for me to leave in tears, but they get so happy to see someone and to feel the love!

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    opopopo Guest


    that sounds like some good times dolemites!

    animals are so SO much more loving than silly humans. i think the world would be beautiful if it were run by dogs... what is it that makes humans so sickly evil?

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    spacehorse Guest


    ...fear and diet dr. pepper.

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