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    Default THE NEW LAMINATED CAT RECORD, by Robert Schneider

    Hello friends,

    Just a note to say that the first album by Laminated Cat, Umbrella Weather, is released to the world today on Garden Gate Records, the psychedelia label I have been working on with my wife Marci and her brother Craig Morris (my band-mate in Thee American Revolution). It is a nice day for psychedelic music.

    I met Laminated Cat at an Apples show a few years ago in Boston, where they lived at the time (now they live in Athens, Georgia). They gave me and Bill Doss a CD-R after the show, and we chatted extensively and were impressed by their presence—one of the guys was studying experimental composition at a local art college, and they seemed very serious—and really impressed by their ornate home recordings when we listened in our van. Marci and Craig loved it and wanted to put it out on the first listening.

    They re-recorded the set of songs at Craig’s awesome, largely hand-built studio, and the band worked on the sounds and overdubs over the following year or so at their home. It is a really beautiful, very psychedelic record—falling somewhere between Syd Barrett and The Olivia Tremor Control and maybe T. Rex, with lots of tasty headphone treats—I think the readers of the Townhall would probably really enjoy it.

    Also, W. Cullen Hart did the cover illustration and Bill Doss did the hand-lettering, and did excellent jobs. Here is a review of the album from Optical Atlas:

    Okay that is it for my proud plug of this record—you will be able to order it from the label at soon, although the website is not totally up to code yet, and also you can get it from the distributor RedEye at this link:

    and also in your local record store.

    Rock on,
    Robert Schneider (The Apples)
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    Quote Originally Posted by marbles View Post
    It is a nice day for psychedelic music.
    as is every day. i'll definitely be checking this out, thanks!


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