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    you might not though. think about it long and hard. stare at your reflection for a few hours if you have to.
    Yes, definitely might like it, still.

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    I teach school and live like a schoolboy. Well, life as a schoolboy. I make $ 45K/year to $ 525 and can be used to share rent with two roommates. Now I have a wife and baby and bought a house, white picket fence, the whole "American Dream" thing. Things have changed, to say the least. This makes it even more difficult to prove money and documents, to spend time, which nobody buys. I have seen a massive sales for the economy plunged, like many other labels such as I spoke. I do, because I'm literally addicted to it. I could not stop if I had. This is a limitation.

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    Just saw this and thought it had some useful information, so thought I would give a thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Julian Koster
    If we knew what we were doing, people would say we sold out.
    My music

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