Hey dudes and dudettes. I have not visited here in a long time! I wanted to share that I have a new cd coming out, that with Wil Hart's blessign bears the e6 moniker!! (I am waiting for my card which is apparently in the mail!) It's called "Phreak Phantasy", and it is songs from lots of crazy perspectives about sub-concious stuff. I also finally wrangled control of www.myspace.com/marshmallowcoast and have put up some new and old tracks!
If you preorder the new cd from www.hhbtm.com I am including a 8x10 painting of the album cover (this is taking forever!!). Anyway, that is all.

P.S. I am sorely lacking in the myspace friends dept
also, if you want to facebook chat look for Andrew Gonzales

ok seriously that is all.