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    Default They've reformed in Philly

    The big news here is that somehow Folklore has already reformed in Philadelphia (where I live now). We are now an 11 piece band and the group is a bunch of really fun people and great musicians. After several practices, we’re really excited to play out and we will get our chance to here in Phila opening for Elf Power and Vic Chesnutt on Sunday January 25th at the North Star Bar. This will be our first show since my move to Philadelphia and the first show with the new band. We are all really excited about it. Please come out early (8:30 on the dot) to see our set consisting of some all new material and 4 or 5 from our last two albums… this show will also be somewhat of a CD release party for our new-ish CD Carpenter’s Falls which came out on bumbleBEAR records back in October, but I was in the middle of the move and also on an Elf Power tour when the album came out, so we didn’t have an official release show. But the album is now out and you can order it on CD from me or from bumbleBEAR.
    There is also a nice review of the album up now at PopMatters. com.

    In other news, a new Philadelphia vinyl-only label called Slipshod Mucus Kiss is going to be releasing a split 7” featuring Folklore and Hermit Thrushes that we are now working on collaboratively. This is scheduled to be a 7” / DVD release, and we are currently talking to an animator who is interested in working on the visual aspects of our music. I will let you know more about this project as it develops, but for now, it is in the works and needless to say, we are all very excited about it.

    And lastly, for those of you who have been asking, I have added an actual Lyrics page to this website that now has all of the lyrics posted for The Ghost Of H.W. Beaverman and Carpenter’s Falls.

    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,

    jimmy & Folklore

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    Default Theyve reformed in Philly

    Hed have found out as one of perhaps several the spies report to. Or from one of said several.


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