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  1. Alright, how am I a bully?
  2. I have no problem with being an attention whore just like you have no problem with being a bully.
  3. You admit you have a problem. Good.
  4. I never said that I don't do anything for attention, mon cheri<3 I'm one big fat attention whore. But I'll make that video, this will be super fun!
  5. Go ahead and make a video. You should dance around right in front of the camera while saying you don't do anything for attention again, too.
  6. Cool so how do your parents explain you being a piece of shit with symptoms of a piece of shit personality?
  7. [url][/url]
  8. [color="white"]w[/color]where is my video and my call?
  9. Where is my video? Where is my call?
  10. Neither of my parents are here and I don't know what they're up to later. But we can totally record you a video tomorrow!
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