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  1. Adam Phillips is AMAZING. He really knows how to make something look beautiful.

    And if you want to do Flash, then I really recommend that you practice with a mouse for a while, and really get a feel for animation and drawing on a computer. Then, update to a tablet, and use it a LOT, because it'll take a while to get used to it. And practice your ass off. And when your ass falls off, then get to a hospital. Then after that, practice more.
  2. Wow, that's awesome dude! Ha, don't let brevity be an option. I just really wish I could also draw flash animations...for music. I guess music videos...I don't know. I still need to invest in an input device.

    You've probably heard of Bitey of Brackenwood? HOW AWESOME IS ADAM PHILLIPS!?
  3. As for Newgrounds, it's a wonderful place, really. It's a website for a community of Flash animators to submit their stuff, sometimes even for money. It's a really great way to get your ideas out, get critiques, and so on. And the biggest (and one of the only) places to get your Flashes on the Internet.
    And thanks for the interest! I love spreading the word of Flash and digital animation. Traditional animation requires paper, pencils, drawing boards (don't get me wrong, though. Traditional animation is still a great thing), but Flash allows you to express yourself straight from your computer. Everyone who enjoys animation should definitely get to know it.
    (I typed up so much, I had to cut it into two parts. Sorry, lol)
  4. I'm a Flash animator. I've been one since 2007. Although, I don't and of my stuff that I made before 2009 very good at all. 2009 is when I joined deviantArt and Newgrounds, and when I started watching some of the best Flashes on the Internet. I even started talking to some of the best artists, mainly through my friends that I've met through the forums on, another Flash website. And through all of that, I just sort of learned how to animate decently. It grows on you, especially after watching other stuff.
    As for the Flash to Video converter, that's a project going on by my friend Justin Boisvert. There's a HUGE lack of programs out there that actually convert the .swf (Flash video file) to video, without the worst quality, or a watermark. So, he's just trying to make that, and needed a Windows user who stays up late to help him test it out. So I did.
  5. All right dude. You post too much.

    about your skills

    not really. Tell me about your flash skills. You were helping with a flash to video converter too? Newgrounds? I'm really interested.
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