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  1. Birds!!!!
  2. Yes and sorry for taking so long to respond. Summer vacation makes me impossibly lazy.
  3. Did Nesey get in touch with you?
  4. Oh. I missed all that. Thanks for taking the time to do me such a kind favor.
  5. He did not. I suppose this is phase two of the experiment. Pit the two test subjects against one another. Haha. Anyways, what did he tell you?
  6. hi did Nesey pm you? He pm'd me. I can kind of update you if he didn't.
  7. I'll upload them later for you. I hate the idea of digital downloads for cash. I would really appreciate a tangible item, even if it's a half eaten cookie.
  8. I didn't get any message. I give up. Do you happen to know a source I can download the albums from?
  9. yo ian, did Nesey pm you back? I ask because he was on today and did not pm me.

    I am frustrated.
  10. Thanks. I would have given up but that sounds very promising.
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