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  1. Hey you were missed here too....

    and I was thinking the other day too, if I have boys, I hope they are like THAT one. And I thought of you young prodigy.

    lol enjoy the week.
  2. yes'm!
  3. California, Mission Viejo, I love it!!!

    aren't you in MA???
  4. Hahaha I like it. :)

    Whoa, where do you live?
  5. NOOO WAY!!!! lol yeah dunking donuts is supposedly very good, but there aren't too many around here >/ good job!!!

    donuts on Andrew everyone!!!!
  6. Makin' dat' money! Dunkiiiiin. :D
  7. hey!!! what job did you get??? congrats!!!

    gotta make dat money man its still the same now (bone thugs)
  8. Thank youu! :) I just ate a lot of chinese food and relaxed.
    and there wasn't one this year but I got a thread last year!
  9. happy belated birthday how old are you now??? what did you do???

    I wish I would have known was there a thread for you????
  10. April 5thhh!
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