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  1. I didn't know I had fans in the west or the east or north or south!!! Thank you brain, you are cool :D
  2. Hey lepy so many good things said about you out loud. You have fans in the west. But I'm the biggest one XD XD XD
  3. Yeah, I tend to do both a lot.
  4. you edit videos too???
  5. hey your in Texas right???
  6. YEAH!!! I can't imagine what its like ending a play because I've never been in one :( but I can imagine having a bunch of blooper moments. That would be cool its almost like you wish you could just take the same group of people and do another play and another and another...

    Have a good Thanksgiving!!! see ya around xoxoxo
  7. It's a board for Flash animation, but the board's basically split in two, one portion being a board for people to talk and the other's for animation. The one that's for general conversation is basically ran by a group of people who post pretty much how nobowlcats posted. Pretty much everything is satirical and pseudo harsh.
    The people who go on the general conversation board hate the people who go on the animation board, so they might as well be two different forums.
  8. hey what is the topic of interest on the forum you met nobowlscats on???
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