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  1. hey I'll pm you soon, busy this week with dance and this weekend with a filming $gig$... hooray!
  2. yeah please please take your time!!!!!!
  3. Did you see the Christmas aqua teen when meat wad gives fry lock those pine cones glued together to make wrap around sunglasses???

    Xoxoxo to you
  4. heyrey we both got the clear records... we're like twins!!!
  5. your blog isn't very hard to read at all I like the brown paper bag color background.

  6. <3 <3 <3 your great ray!!!
  7. oh yeah... I love the guitar to that song!!!! One of my favorite Beatles tunes.
  8. ooooh!!! nesey asked you a question on the ice skater thread!!!!

    lucky you!!! lol.
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