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Right now is rather crazy with two massive pre-orders at the HHBTM HQ. We have new Albums coming out by both Marshmallow Coast and Fishboy with some pretty big pre-order packages. There are lots of singles and cassettes coming shortly, but figured right now the focus is best left on these two releases.
The new Fishboy album “Classic Creeps” is coming April 19th which is sometime away, but we have decided to launch the pre-orders now since this might be one of the craziest HHBTM pre-orders to date. We have already started a stream of the album at Classic Creeps website to get people excited. The pre-order will come in three packages listed below.
Package One $12.00
12″ vinyl (insert includes entire comic) w/ digital download

Package Two $20.00
12″ vinyl (insert includes entire comic) w/ digital download
an 11 piece 1″ button set of all the album characters
an 11.5 x 24 three color silkscreened poster drawn by Fishboy of a connection between all the characters on the album.

Package Three $50.00
everything in package two plus
become a Classic Creep with a custom 12″ cloth album slip cover embroidered with a picture and name of your choice.

We are doing only 20 of package 2 and 30 of package 3, so this won’t be around for long. The pre-orders will ship as soon as we have all the materials which will be before release date.

The new Marshmallow Coast album “Seniors and Juniors Strikes Back” will be back from the pressing plant any day now. I know you are telling yourself, but I already own Seniors and Juniors, but this is Seniors and Juniors re-recorded in the style of Andy’s last album “Phreak Phantasy”. So imagine Seniors and Juniors but with drum machines and lots of samples and keyboards plus a few new songs. If you want just the CD it will be $7.00, however if you want the de-luxe pre-order version it’s $22.00. What comes with the de-luxe pre-order you ask. Why you get not only the CD, but you also get a 8×10 painting painted by Andy Gonzales along with some buttons and other fun stuff we might throw in the envelope. And before you ask, no this is not on vinyl and is only available on CD currently. Orders will ship out the first week of March, and Andy is only able to do 25 paintings.

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