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10-03-2010, 05:31 PM
Hey Folks,
It’s been ages since the last HHBTM update. Not been slacking, just had a super crazy summer. Moved into a cottage home in March to find out it had rats, then moved into a loft in May to non-stop leaking pipes and 4 floods that cost us loads of furniture. Then there was the Athens PopFest that went off without a hitch to much surprise. Then Leslie and I found a new place in August that we just love back in our old neighborhood before we started all this moving. So with that things slowed a bit on the release front, but now the label is in full swing once again. So here’s the news…….

HHBTM121 – Flash to Bang Time “Lead Balloon” 7”
The name Flash to Bang Time refers to the amount of time that passes between seeing the light from a nuclear detonation and actually hearing it. The occurrence is a natural visual-aural disconnect, but for the band, the visual and aural go hand in hand. It’s not quite synesthesia, more like trying to make a movie soundtrack. Flash to Bang Time has been floating around Athens for nearly ten years as Linda Stipe's post Hetch Hetchy & Oh Ok project, but 2010 / 2011 will be the year that folks outside Athens discover this mysterious band. It's super tough to pin them down to one sound as they can go from ambient drone cello based songs, to a rocker, to bubblegum pop , and back to acid test within just a few numbers. This 7" also features Linda Hopper of Magnapop, Holiday & Oh Ok on guest vocals. Limited to 300 copies in silkscreened sleeves. comes with digital download.

HHBTM122 – Tunabunny “Tunabunny” LP / Cassette
Tunabunny sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Their debut album walks an amphetamine path between Pere Ubu and The Raincoats. Three girls, one guy, and a synthesizer sitting on a carpet covered in paint and the sprawled out works of Julio Cortazar, Tunabunny has fallen down the rabbit hole and is begging you to follow, even as they doubt your own existence. Inspired by such cult artists as The Beatles and Norah Jones, Tunabunny’s debut album, Tunabunny, is already the clear favorite to bring home dozens of grammy award nominations and to be the ridicule of blogs all over the southeast. M.I.A. is already questioning their authenticity. Neil Diamond doesn’t believe they’re actually from the street. Yoko Ono is going to think they’re fantastic! Growing up in Athens, Georgia surrounded by a surplus of instruments and boredom, Tunabunny set out to remind people that pop/rock music shouldn’t be about technical ability or social networking. They’re wrong of course. Pop/rock music in the 21 st century is a played-out corpse being skullfucked by overprivileged boys and girls hoping to manufacture a personality for themselves out of something that other people think is cool. That is why Tunabunny thinks of pop/rock as something that should be destroyed, or at the very least subverted, but would probably be better for everyone involved if it simply ceased to exist. The members of Tunabunny are interested in revolution, which, contrary to popular thought, ceased to exist in the pop/rock world a long time ago, even as a latent impulse. As such, Tunabunny wonders just what it is doing here, and what exactly it hopes to accomplish. LP comes with digital download. [there is a pre-order version that comes with a large t-shirt and flexi 7” of some covers of a band that is making loads of money off not caring and being rather slack on a reunion tour. This shirt will crack you up. Sorry I can’t post a photo of it for possible legal reasons.]

HHBTM125 – Sourpatch “Mira Mija” 7”
Four friends switching off song writing duties over 4 tracks on what might be the best single this year. I could make up some crap to try to sell you this record, but I think Keenan Dowers of the Three Imaginary Girls sums this band up perfectly. "I've been a fan of this band since last San Francisco popfest when they blew me away with their Tiger Trap-esque perfect indie pop punk and swooning boy girl vocals, and this was by far the best show I've ever seen them play. They are living proof that hardcore drummers should also always also be in indie pop bands (for the love of god there needs to be more bands like this!). For a band that is heavily influenced by Rose Melberg's louder endeavors, you could tell they were nervous to be opening up for Go Sailor (conflict of interest note - I danced my ass off with the members of Sourpatch during Go Sailor's set), but they channeled their nervous energy perfectly to produce a little slice of indie pop heaven. " Limited to 500 copies in a silkscreen sleeve w/ digital download.

HHBTM119 – Sweater Girls “Do the Sweater” 7”
Smart, energetic and charming, Sweater Girls are a five-piece indiepop band from Los Angeles, CA. Touted as a “full band Softies” and a “calmer Black Tambourine” by Indie Pages, Sweater Girls aim to melt hearts with their knitted brand of sweet and tender tunes. 3 song 7" limited to 300 copies and housed in a 2 color silkscreen sleeve SOLD OUT in one week. Limited different color sleeve 200 copy repress. comes with digital download.

Currently at the plant is the new 7” by the Sweater Girls “Pretty When You Smile”. These should be here by the end of the month. I’ll come up with a pre-order and post about it shortly. Also going to the plant in the next week or two you’ll be able to pre-order shortly the new Marshmallow Coast CD with bonus goodies “Seniors and Juniors Strikes Back” , this is a rerecording of Andy’s famous “Seniors and Juniors” record but updated with new guest vocals, added tracks, and loads of drum machines and keyboards. You will also be able to pre-order the new 7” by the Afternoon Naps and the debut 7” by Orca Team. Oh who is Orca Team you might ask. It’s only one of your new favorite bands. Go use the internet and search for Orca Team and be prepared to wooed. Also going into the plant shortly look out for the complete OH OK on one full length LP which will feature their 7” & 12” plus bonus tracks. Also in the pipeline is Joe Jack Talcum “Home Recordings 84-97” LP so be on the lookout for that as well. It’s gonna be a busy winter.

Currently working on new albums: the Smittens, Casper & the Cookies, Forever, Orca Team, Hotpants Romance, Titans of Filth, Tunabunny, Fishboy, Bearsuit, and the Afternoon Naps. Look for an insane amount of releases in 2011.

Afternoon Naps released a flexi 7” “Carl Wilson” on Single Piece Slate Label.
Bearsuit are releasing a new 7” & LP on Fortuna Pop.
Bunnygrunt have a new 7” coming out on Plastic Pancake.
Eux Autres will be self releasing their new LP.
The Superions have a Christmas CD / LP coming out this month on Fanatic Records.

9 - London, UK @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
16 - Norwich, UK @ Take 5
20 - London, Uk @ Buffalo Bar
22 - Derby, UK @ Big Blue Coffee Company
23 - Edinburgh, UK @ Edinburgh Popfest (DAY)
23 - Newcastle, UK @ Newcastle Arts Centre (NIGHT)
27 - Chelmsford, UK @ the Basement
29 - Sheffield, UK @ the Red House
30 - Manchester, UK @ Night and Day Cafe
31 - Cardiff, UK @ Buffalo Bar

19 - Leeds, UK @ Death by Shoes
20 - Sheffield, UK
21 - Manchester, UK
23 - Paris, France
24 - CH Basel, Switzerland @ Hirscheneck
25 - Munich, Germany
26 - Landshut, Germany @ Wintergarten
27 - Innsbruck, Germany @ PMK
28 - Wurzburg, Germany
29 - Dresden, Germany
30 - Kiel, Germany @ Prinz Willy
1 - Hamburg, Germany
2 - Berlin, Germany @ Schokoladen
3 - Bremen, Germany @ Spedition
4 - Mannheium, Germany @ Brandherd

20 - Ipswich, UK @ the Blue Room
4 - Glasgow, UK @ Glasgow Popfest

16 - Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse
21 - Tacoma, WA @ TBA
22 - Bellingham, WA @ the Contra House
23 - Vancouver, BC @ Zoo Zhop
24 - Seattle, WA @ TBA
25 - Olympia, WA @ TBA

10 - Oxnard, CA @ Fresh & Fabulous Cafe