View Full Version : Elf Power Interview with Fishpork

09-03-2010, 12:54 PM
The last time Elephant 6 veterans Elf Power hit the road, it was a co-headlining gig with Athens, Georgia legend Vic Chestnutt. The band also collaborated with Chestnutt on the critically-acclaimed Dark Developments in 2009. This Fall, the band will tour with the long-awaited Elephant 6 film, Major Organ and the Adding Machine, in which lead singer Andrew Rieger plays one of the principal characters. The film is the visual counterpart to the 2001 album by the same name and is set for release along with Elf Power’s tenth and self-titled release on September 14. We got a chance to speak with lead singer and songwriter Andrew Rieger about their latest record, the influence of Vic Chestnutt, and the bonus material on the Major Organ DVD: