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05-21-2003, 02:25 PM
which one do you cats think is better/like more/etc.? Pink Hearts Yellow Moons or Sound Go Round? Inquiring minds want to know!!! ;)

floating norman
05-21-2003, 02:52 PM
I personally prefer PHYM maybe just because I've listened to it more, but also because I enjoy the sound and songwriting better. Don't get me wrong, I think they're both really good!

05-21-2003, 03:46 PM
Hmmm that is a tough one.

I really like Sound Go Round a lot.. The tunes are really poppy and quite catchy. Its the kind of album that really gets into your head..

BUt Pink Hearts and Yellow Moons is really good too..


05-23-2003, 02:24 PM
i have been searching and searching for phym, but have yet to find it anywhere at all.... oh, to have a credit card and be able to sit on my bum and erode my bank account buying loads of wonderful music. so for now sound go round is my favorite because it fell sweetly into my lap the second i decided i wanted it, whereas phym continues to be a sneaky little devil. the music is all so wonderful that i have to base my favorite on how kind the physical cd is...

05-24-2003, 05:36 AM

go to the kindercore website...


ALL their CD's are $11 right now!

You can't beat that!

05-26-2003, 03:24 PM
no way!!! that's such good news. that made my day, which started out great and then went to hell and now has started to perk up again.


oops in my excitement i forgot to answer the question. since i haven't listened to phym, i'd have to go with sound go round.

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05-26-2003, 03:36 PM
11 bucks sounds like a sweet deal, but not when youre canadian. if you add in the 50% exchange rate, 30% (or something like that) duty, tax and shipping, its more than doubled :(

plus, i dont have the ever-neccisary credit card...

whatever, in a few years im SO out of this silly country ;)

ill find it somewhere someday... or maybe ill be the entrepreneur and go into the music bussiness myself and open a decent record store in calgary.... nah.

05-27-2003, 08:49 AM
funny you should be thinking of getting out of canada, a lot of my friends are considering emigrating there, thanks to the bush dynasty and various bits of scary legislation... I'm just gonna hole up in the woods, enclose subversive messages in the loaves I sell at my bakery...

and super congratulations on your jailbreak, opopopo!

i like sound go round better, for the record.