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05-12-2010, 10:39 PM
Hey Folks,
Lots and lots of news...... I don't even know where to start. I guess I should tell everyone that Leslie and I moved into a new cottage home back in late March only to be living in the house for a week to find out it has a rat problem. Yep rats......I know it's gross. Long story short we were able to break the lease, and we are now packing and getting ready to move into a new place over the next week that's a bit on the out skirts of Athens. So now instead of living only 2.1 miles from work I'll live 5.2 miles away. There might not be many updates over the next 2 weeks, but i'll be able to check email at work as far as questions and orders go. Anyway on with the news...........

The SMITTENS "Coolest Thing About Love" LP
The Coolest Thing About Love LP pre-order copies shipped last week, so If you didn't do the pre-order you missed all the bonus goodies that came along with the record. We do however have copies of the LP available to ship now though. It comes with a 3 color silkscreen sleeve and digital download.

The SWEATER GIRLS "Do the Sweater" 7"
Do the Sweater / Fingers Crossed / Haven't Got a Clue three song debut EP by this smooth California 5 piece will be quick to be a hit on turntables all across the nation. Think the Softies, the Crystals, and the Marine Girls and you are getting close to the perfection that is this single. If the songs don't charm you the 2 color silkscreen board stock sleeve w/ insert and digital download will. Get them while you can.....you might want to order a second copy for ebay.

FLASH TO BANG TIME - "Lead Balloon" 7" single is at the plant currently. For those in the know you know Flash to Bang Time as Lynda Stipe of Oh Ok's current band. The special treat we get on this 3 song single is both Lynda Stipe and Linda Hopper (Magnapop) sing together for the first time on record since Oh Ok. This quirky Athens romper will be available in June or early July.

TUNABUNNY - "Tunabunny" LP is currently at the plant with a release date of late July. We are working on a mobile as a pre-order item. 15 songs in roughly 40 minutes by this Athens four piece that defies placement.

Been loads of new Superions news and videos. please go to the www.happyhappybirthdaytome.blogspot.com BLOG to check out all the updates. The guys are currently working on a Christmas album, a Halloween 7", and a full length record. There might even be a live performance at CMJ this fall.

I need to clear out some stock, and make some room for lots of the new releases that are coming up...so this works out great for you as it's the annual HHBTM summer sale. These deals will run till the end of the month.
Singles Club Sale: $40.00 (that's $25.00 off) this can be ordered direct from the site.
Buy One Get One FREE CD Sale: you will have to email me the CD's you want then I will send you a paypal request. Go to the site and pick a free CD for each CD you purchase. (the lower priced CD is the free one: meaning you can't buy an EP and get a free Full Length title). The buy one get one free CD also applies to distro titles. mike [at] hhbtm dot com

ATHENS POPFEST line up will be announced next Friday May 21st at noon eastern time with early bird 4 day full festival tickets for $40 for one week only. After the first week the full passes will go up to $45. This year is our best line up yet, and the 4 day pass will be your best option as it will run over $70 to pay at the door for individual shows one by one. So 4 day passes will save you some money this time around.

HHBTM is well represented at many of this year's popfests both in the USA and abroad.
New York Popfest (May 20 - 23) w/ Bunnygrunt, the Smittens, and Sweater Girls
San Francisco Popfest (May 27-30) w/ Cars Can Be Blue and Eux Autres
Indietracks (July 23 - 25) w/ the Smittens
Athens PopFest (August 10 - 14) w/ Keith John Adams, Afternoon Naps, Bunnygrunt, Cars Can Be Blue, Casper & the Cookies, Elekibass, Eux Autres, Marshmallow Coast, Oh Ok, Sourpatch, Sweater Girls, Titans of Filth, and Tunabunny

Keith John Adams
8-13 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

Afternoon Naps
5-15 - Cleveland, OH @ Crankys Manatee Club
8-12 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

5-21 - Columbus, OH @ the Treehouse
5-23 - New York City, NY @ the NYC Popfest
8-14 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

Cars Can Be Blue
5-29 - San Francisco, CA @ SF Popfest
5-30 - San Francisco, CA @ 924 Gilman
8-12 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

Casper & the Cookies
8-13 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

8-13 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

Eux Autres
5-27 - San Francisco, CA @ SF Popfest
6-4 - San Diego, CA @ Tin Can Alehouse
6-5 - Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita
8-14 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

Lovely Eggs
5-21 - Liverpool, UK @ Hannah's Bar
7-4 - Northeast, UK @ Beat Herder Festival
8-9 - Keighley, UK @ the Aire Do Festival
8-13 - London, UK @ the Wilmington Arms
8-28 - Silloth Cumbria, UK @ Sol Fest
9-19 - Manchester, UK @ Francis House Benefit
11-20 - Ipswich, UK @ the Blue Room

Red Pony Clock
6-4 - San Diego, CA @ Tin Can Alehouse
6-10 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah
7-21 - San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar

the Smittens
5-21 - New York City, NY @ NYC Popfest
5-23 - North Hampton, MA @ the Elevens
5-25 - Cambridge, MA @ Lizard Lounge
5-29 - Burlington, VT @ the Bobbin
5-29 - Winooski, VT @ the Monkey House
5-30 - Montreal, QB @ Le Divan Orange
7-19 - Glasgow, UK @ TBA
7-20 - Birmingham, UK @ the Victoria
7-21 - London, UK @ the Luminaire
7-22 - Sheffield, UK @ the Stockroom
7-23 - Ripley, UK @ Indietracks
7-27 - Paris, FR @ L'International
7-30 - Dresden, GR @ Ostpol
8-1 - Copenhagen, DK @ TBA
8-2 - Goteborg, SE @ House of Win-Win
8-3 - Varberg, SE @ Majas vid Havet
8-4 - Jonkoping, SE @ TBA
8-5 - Stockholm, SE @ Landet

5-30 - San Francisco, CA @ 924 Gilman
8-12 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

Sweater Girls
5-16 - Echo Park, CA @ Origami Vinyl Shop
5-20 - New York City, NY @ NYC Popfest

8-14 - Athens, GA @ Athens PopFest

05-13-2010, 12:19 AM
Oh yeyah! The Sweater Girls intrigue me. ...Just because I live in Oregon, no shows! EVER!...EVER!!

05-13-2010, 02:05 PM
are full passes going to be transferable? i am planning on coming down from maine, but if something ridiculous happens and i can't go, it'd be nice to be able to sell the pass (at face value, of course) to someone who wants it instead of eating it (which i also have no problem with, given that i have eaten more expensive tickets to less awesome things in the past).


05-16-2010, 11:19 PM
So, as I've posted once or twice here before, the Sweater Girls are my friends, and I was down there at Origami earlier tonight, and I just copped the vinyl... so cool seeing both people I know and my indie rock heroes HHBTM on the same credits. I hope they rock out at Popfest, I've seen them play a couple times and their live set keeps getting better and better!

Also Eux Autres at La Cita, one of my favorite bars... I'll have to check that out.