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11-23-2009, 10:44 PM
Hey Folks,
I know it's just been a very short time since the last update, but there has been a few new things come in distro wise, a new item, and new signings.

The Sourpatch "Crushin" pre-order has been going great. There are only a few totes left, so if you want the pre-order goodies you better hurry. There is a pic of the tote bag at the label blog and at the website. The CDs will be in roughly the 2nd week of December with shipments going out right after Christmas. The LPs will be in at the end of December with shipments going out the first week of January if all goes well.

Titans of Filth have a video for "Our Impending Announcement" up at the site and on the label blog. The Titans are from Athens, GA, and look for their debut vinyl release on HHBTM in spring of 2010.

On Monday there will be a huge announcement on the HHBTM site and big pre-order, so be sure to check back.

I have a few new distro items. These are all limited to just a few copies at the site, so I wouldn't wait around long. These releases are all from the Uk so I only get a few copies at a time.

the Smittens / Just Joans - split 7" (wee pop) limited to 500 copies. Both bands cover a song from each other plus one new original each. on thick pink vinyl.

Stamp Out the Loneliness - Pacific Trash Vortex / Cellophane 7" (wiaiwya) sounds a bit like Nico fronting a more poppy version of Stereolab. both songs from the single are at their myspace. on nice thick powder blue vinyl.

Eux Autres - "Strangled Days" 10" (wiaiwya) 4 news tracks wrapped in a poster sleeve and on think black vinyl.

Shrag - "Shrag" CD (wiaiwya) boy / girl shouty pop ala bearsuit but more on the noisy end. if you like huggy bear you'll love shrag.

Also if you guys are having trouble with what to get your girlfriends and you don't want to buy them music please go check out my wife's craft site www.pancakemeow.com (charms, tea towels, sachets, dolls, pin cushions, buttons, and more).

11-26-2009, 11:28 AM
I wonder what Mondays announcement will be.

the Annoucnment is....Nada

12-05-2009, 05:22 AM
I wonder what Mondays announcement will be.

the Annoucnment is....Nada

Wonder what it was supposed to be