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07-16-2008, 04:51 PM
Hey Folks,
It’s been ages since the last update, so here it goes.

Happy Happy Birthday to Me is pleased to present “The Coolest Thing About Love”, the new album by The Smittens, the gentlest gang in town!

Sincere honest pop music with a gentle heart and good intentions! Herein lie some of the Smittens softest and sweetest songs yet. Lovingly home recorded by the Smittens themselves with new sounds and friends chipping in and then mixed and produced with Eric Masunaga and the gang working to make their new favorite record to share with friends and lovers and family and fans the world over. Look out! Tune in! Don't mess with the rainbow!

PREORDER – the Smittens “the Coolest Thing About Love” for $12.00 postage paid in the US and Canada. The preorder comes with a bonus button & artwork print outs. Limited to 50 preorders.

HHBTM is also very happy to announce we will be issuing the US version of Hotpants Romance “It’s a Heatwave” in early August. This CD will be available in the mail order shortly. Three girls, three years, three chords, what more do you need. For fans of Slampt.

Cars Can Be Blue “Doubly Unbeatable” preorder bonus package is now gone. We do have the regular version still available though.

The second round of singles club singles were mailed a few weeks ago, everyone should have their singles club by now. Round three is coming together now, and will be shipping (fingers crossed) by the end of the year.

There are still a few 4 days passes left for the Athens PopFest. Go to www.athenspopfest.com to pick up full festival or individual day passes now. This year the festival will be headlined by Roky Erickson & the Explosives, the Music Tapes, Elf Power, Boyracer, the Apes, Circulatory System, Dark Meat and about 80 more bands (including the following HHBTM bands: Casper & the Cookies, Cars Can Be Blue, Hotpants Romance, the Smittens, the Lolligags, Andy from Denver, Love Letter Band, Patience Please, Bunnygrunt, Fishboy, and the Velcro Stars).


The Smittens
Jul 21st @ the Red House – Sheffield - The Parallelograms, The Seven Inches
Jul 22nd @ the Sunflower Lounge - Birmingham – Zebras, Red Pony Clock
Jul 23rd @ the Captain’s Rest – Glasgow – Zoey van Goey, The Just Joans
Jul 24th @ the Brudenell – Leeds – Ballboy
Jul 25th @ the Cardigan Arms – Leeds – Red Pony Clock, The Rocky Nest, Cliquant
Jul 26th & 27th @ INDIETRACKS – Butterley –
Jul 28th @ Fuel – Manchester – The Seven Inches, Awesome Wells
Jul 29th @ Club Ifor Bach – Cardiff – Ballboy, Red Pony Clock, The Bobby Mcgees
Jul 30th @ Thekla - Bristol – Ballboy
Jul 31st @ the Luminaire - London – Ballboy, Pocketbooks
Aug 1st @ the Rescue Rooms - Nottingham – The Deirdres, The Pete Green Corporate DJs

Cars Can Be Blue & Hotpants Romance
Aug 17th @ TBA – Murfreesboro, TN – Velcro Stars
Aug 18th @ Springwater – Nashville, TN – Velcro Stars
Aug 19th @ JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
Aug 20th @ Star Bar – Atlanta, GA
Aug 21st @ Eclipse – Jacksonville, FL
Aug 22nd @ TBA – Orlando, FL
Aug 23rd @ Wayward Council – Gainesville, FL
Aug 25th @ Gallery Above – Panama City, FL
Aug 26th @ Sluggo’s – Pensacola, FL
Aug 28th @ TBA – Athens, GA
Aug 29th @ TBA – Macon, GA
Aug 30th @ TBA – Atlanta, GA