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      Quote Originally Posted by Abel View Post
      Yeah, same at Webster Hall, but I don't really get it. I love it, but that's the song people go crazy for from Skeletal Lamping? I agree with your assessment of how the outro works for the song, but I disagree that it would be good to do it live. It's a denouement, whereas I think it's better for the energy of the show to go straight from the loud part to another song.
      I noticed that too at Webster Hall! Weird. The transition from Non Pareil to Ambassador Bridge was perfect though.

      Plus, it was really exciting to see them in the US for the first time!

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      thee end of NP, for me, is like the end of Nubile Miscreants in that I would love it all live just to dance out and trance out to it. No comment on this Tour tho, I missed the Ithaca show because we had a big (14 hr) day following :/

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      Quote Originally Posted by gnatsy View Post
      my fair lady (i'm not sure if it's because of the leather outfit but i was getting a strong michael jackson vibe that i hadn't picked up on before)
      Oh you mean how the bass line is a direct pickup from "Billie Jean"?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Abel View Post
      Oh you mean how the bass line is a direct pickup from "Billie Jean"?

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      jimmy_stewart is offline Junior E6er
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      looking forward to the show this weekend, havent seen them since 2010!

      is the lineup for the band way different now?

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      mahnuma is offline E6er
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      2010 was back when Thayer, Kishi et al were with the band, right?

      The current lineup is Kevin, Clayton, Jojo, Dobby, and Davey. Jojo's probably the only "new" face, though.

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      demonclusters is offline Junior E6er
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      Hi everyone. New poster here, I made an account just to give my opinion on this tour. I've known about this site for years, though I wouldn't exactly call myself a regular lurker since I only visit here around the release of albums by bands I care about... Never wanted to post until now tho

      I had the pleasure of seeing them in Philly back in September. Absolutely crazy show, what with everyone jumping up on stage during the encore (I hope kevin didnt mind that). In terms of the setlist, I really couldn't be happier (realistically speaking). I was pleasantly surprised about the inclusion of so many skeletal lamping songs. They fit really well with the new stuff. And regardless of my opinion of the new album (my opinion being that it's my least favorite oM album since aldhils), it really does sound great live. Kevin's still got loads of energy, and it was wonderful seeing so many people excited about songs like wicked wisdom

      That being said- two major things were disappointing to me. First of all, the band looked downright bored. They're kinda confined to the back of the stage on this tour, and they're all wearing white, which gives the impression that they aren't allowed to look unique. It might just be the nature of the new material, but never actually sounded like they were doing much. I feel like, more than ever, the band looks like a backup band for the Kevin Barnes Show. I kinda feel bad for jojo and clayton especially, coming off of more collaborative albums

      The second thing is the visuals. There were way less visuals than I've seen in the past. I thought of three reasons for that- one, they consciously didn't want as many visuals / stage acts, which I guess could be viable, but doesn't really seem like them, especially not for this album. It might have made more sense for the lousy / gloom era. Another possible reason is that David just didn't have as much time to prepare or didn't really look into it enough to come up with a bunch of unique stuff. The huge possum is fun, but it was pretty much the only "wow! cool!" moment of the show. The third reason, and I guess the most probable (and saddest) is that they just didn't have the budget to do a show like they used to. Times they are a changin...

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      By any chance, is there anyone else who won a #1 Most Delicious Person shirt on the second leg of the tour once they were out of the shirts? I figured that it might take a while to get the shirts out post-tour, but I've heard nothing yet :/

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      I'm seeing them on New Year's Eve in Athens. Going to be very rad

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